IC Iceboy av Härjedalen *D

NFO ds 09 22 (red silver tabby blotched & white)
male born on 08 July 2007
Breeder : Alexandra Blass
Weight as an adult : 6,3 kg

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative
HCM (normal 06/2009 & 11/2011 & 02/2013 & 06/2016)

His pedigree here
His genotype : Aa Dd Ii OY tt SS ww

His pictures here (updated in July 2013)
More pictures here

His FIFe exhibitions results :
=> as an adult : 2 BIV + 2 NOM
All his exhibitions results here

His kittens : litters 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 23 , 26, 27, 28, Norr Venn's *IT (42 kittens)

His breeding kittens at the moment : Flicka (litter 19) ; Hylia (litter 23) ; Izadoori (litter 26) ; Ishani (litter 27) ; Inesh (litter 27) ; Idika (litter 27)

Iceboy is not available for outside matings.

I was in fact looking for a female ... but I fell in love with Iceboy, and so I contacted his breeder.
I looked at his pedigree ... I wanted to see how he was going to evolve, and ...
he has evolved in a good way :-)

His ascendants are also cats that I like very much, on his father's side : IC S* Zygot´s Kamino Real, his father
EC S* Ewkala´s Emilio, EC / DM CH* Honybee av Fjellheia maried to CH* H´Neil Young Blue Tanis,
and on his mother's side : Ch. S* Winterland´s Echnaton, and his father Euro.Ch. S* Gomorran´s Theodor,
and Ch. S* Pysidas Bon Bon, heavy and beautiful cats ... :-))

Iceboy has a strong built body, he is also heavy (6.3 kg during the winter), I really like his big
and learge ears with long tufts, his medium long head with a nice triangle (although it is a little bit
large when he puts his whiskers in front), a very straight profile and a good head height.
He already has a super male look, which I like very much. His tail could be a bit longer.
His temperament is VERY good :-) but he doesn't like exhibitions and stopps at International Champion.

So many thanks to Alexandra and her husband, who are both adorable and very serious.

Iceboy at 1,5 years old is a very kind boy, he is always full of hair, and weights 6,3 kg during the winter.

I am very pleased with his development, and his first kittens. He doesn't like exhibitions so he stops at IC.

His mother : Emma Mae av Härjedalen *D His father : CH Orlando av Fjellheia *CH