Tegaï No Toras Kybele *DE

NFO f 09 22 (tortie black tabby blotched & white)
Female neutered born on October 16, 2012
Breeder : Tegaï No Toras *DE
Weight as an adult :

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
HCM (will be tested)

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Her genotype :

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Her kittens :
Kybele is a grand-daughter of my first NFO girl, Jany, it's also a niece of my Geena :-)

Kybele is a young strong girl, high on legs, long body, long tail, with a medium type head. I adore her ears, her strong chin, and her fabulous temper :-)

Thanks a lot Birgit for this sweet girl, a way to get back my first lines :-)

Unfortunately, Kybele had a very bad pyometra (closed), and we couldn't try to save her uterus, only to save her! She had to be neutered :-(((

Her mother : Tegai no tora's Skrollan Her father : B* Yarakhti Vegalyrae