Mooji d'Hibernia *F

NFO ns 22 (black silver blotched tabby)
Male born on February 20, 2016
Breeder : born here
Weight as an adult : 6 kg

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative
HCM (normal 07/2017 & 03/2019)

His pedigree here

His pictures here (updated in Nov. 2019)

His kittens : see the litters page
His actual kittens in breeding : Newton d'Hibernia, Noomaï d'Hibernia, Osiris d'Hibernia
It was natural for me to keep Mooji, he is a beautiful kitten, he is very cuddly (he loves me!) and it was the last litter of my girl Joy. Mooji has a lot of self-confidence, and he is very, very cuddly and sweet, that he gives to his kittens. It's an excellent breeding male, not only for the matings, but also for the health of his kittens.

Mooji has a fantastic silver color, strong paws and bones, expressive NFO look and eyes, a wonderful profile with a lovely head height, a correct chin, big ears, it's just a shame he misses tufts ;-) His hind legs are a bit higher than his front legs, that a good NFO should have.

I am very thankful to Annemarie Berta Stahnke to have let my Joy meet her splendid Nanda, I am very happy I could keep a kitten of my lovely girl Joy from a super mating :-)

Mooji is not available for external matings.

His mother : Feeling Joy d'Hibernia *F His father : SC Nanda Devi d'Haakona DVM