male neutered born on 30 December 2000 - left us on August 1, 2017 :-(((
Household pet n 09 23 (black tabby mackerell & white)
Comes from Belgium (Brussels) when I was living there
Happy birthday Romeo, you are 11 years old ! :-)))

Romeo is my big baby, I had him too little (6 weeks old, the people didn't want him and his brothers/sisters anymore :-(( ), it's surely the reason why he is a bit "speed", but he is a very affectionate cat ;-))) He also has very beautiful green eyes...

He is very playful and loves to play with the kittens too. I have neutered him at the age of 6 months old,
but I think he doesn't realize he is neutered...

He is full part of the family and I didn't show him on my site, but now it is done.

Exhibitions results (yes!)
In Belgium : won some Best in Show!