Shakti d'Hibernia *F

NFO n 03 23 (black tabby mackerell & white)
Neutered female born on July 20, 2009
Breeder : born at the cattery
Weight as an adult : 4.5 kg

FIV-Felv negatif
GSD IV negative
Heart : see below

Her pedigree here
Her pictures here (MAJ in January 2012)
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Her kittens : litter 19

Her kittens in breeding : Flicka (litter 19)
Shakti is a real benediction. Her pedigree represents a lot for me : her father GIC Ungerio d'Hibernia *F is born at home, I have used him very few, and I have taken Zazie for him, in the idea to keep a kitten from him, but with a big girl like her. Shakti's mother B* Serola's Zazie has also big bones, an excellent type and a lovely temperament. So I am very happy to have had the chance that Shakti was born and evoluates as I wished, with a lovely temperament, a very nice type, and above all, the look I love, that comes from her parents. AND she is not blue ;-)

Shakti in hindi means Divine Energy :-)

I'm very happy about the development of Shakti until now (8 months old), she has the qualities I wished :-)

Her neutering : why ?

November 2011 : 2nd HCM test for Shakti, that reveals a light enlargement of the value "LVFWd", she is classified as equivocal, and needs another test in 6 months... very long...

May 2012 : I want to know absolutely what Shakti has, so I go to see Dr. Amberger in Geneva (Switzerland), a very good cardiologist for cats, that does a complete examination, that releavs the cause of the equivocal test : Shakti has a light aortic stenosis. It is not HCM, it not injuring her, but it's better to neuter her, in case it would be genetic, but we really don't know about it, it might be not genetic but ? :-(((

Her 1st HCM test in May 2010 : ici
Her 2nd HCM test in November 2011 : ici
Her complete examination in May 2012 : ici
Her last examination was in December 2015, no evolution.

Conclusion : if I wouldn't test my cats, I would never have known that Shakti has a problem, and I would carry on breeding with her! So it's good to test, as problems might never occur in another way !

The 6 kittens of Shakti have been controlled and have all a perfect heart until now ! :-)

Her mother : L* CH Serola's Zazie Her father : GIC Ungerio d'Hibernia *L