DK* Naturell's Skvalder Kal (Athena)

NFO f 03 (tortie and white)
Female born on June 24, 2017
Breeder : Kim & Anne-Louise Nygaard Sadek
Weight : 2.4 kg at 4 months old

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative
HCM (normal 12/2018)

Her pedigree here
Her pictures here (updated in April 2017)
More pictures here

Her kittens :
Her breeding kittens at the moment :
When I saw Athena at around 5 weeks old, that she was still looking for the good home, I couldn't believe my eyes ! I tried to resist her since she was born, but it was impossible. I adore her father since long, her mother too, and I admire the breeding work of her breeders, so I just asked if Athena could come to me... and I was lucky that Louise agreed :)

Athena is a girl with strong bones, with a super look, full of type qualities like her sharp triangle, her big and lovely ears with tufts, her long tail and her harmonic body. Her profile and chin are excellent, and her top head is lovely.

Athena has an exceptional temper, sweet and purring, self-confident, playful, you can only fall in love with her ;-) Again a thousand thanks to Louise & Kim, and to their sons Valdemar & Gabriel !!!

Her mother : GIC. Naturell's Fili Jon Gong Gong Her father : CH. Naturell's Longbeard