Litter n° 9, born on September 2, 2007
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av Skara Brae
n 09 22
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CHI Ungerio
a 09 22
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Name Sex Color Status
Chayton n 22 - black tabby blotched in his family
Chenoa n 09 22 - black tabby blotched & blanc in his family
Chumani a 09 22 - bleu tabby blotched & blanc in his family
Their names are Sioux. Chayton means "falcon", Chenoa means "colombe",
and Chumani means "dewdrop".
Pictures each week, if possible. Click on their names.

Updated December 21
Available The kitten is not yet booked
Option Somebody is interested, but nothing is yet decided
Booked Somebody has signed a contract and left a deposit
Sold The kitten has moved to his/her new family