Chupa d'Hibernia *F

NFO a 09 23 (blue tabby mackerell & white)
Neutered female born on May 12, 2007
Breeder : born at the cattery
Weight as an adult : 4,2 kg

FIV-Felv negatif
GSD IV negatif
HCM negative (Dec. 2009 & Nov. 2011)

Her pedigree here
Her genotype : Aa dd ii oo Tt S- ww

More pictures of her here (updated in Jan 2011)

Her kittens : litters 11, 15, 18, 21

Her breeding kittens at the moment : Feeling Joy (litter 18), Flower Power (litter 18)
Chupa is issued from my 1st female Jany and from Spectacular who is wonderful and adorable,
it's a cat I have been "in love" at first sight with him... Then I had no doubt that I wished to redo this mating,
and keep a female for me this time.

Thank you so much Veronique Dufour (Valldall cattery) to permit this mating again, I'm so pleased with the result :-)

I kept Chupa and not her sister Chapi because of her better boning and the promise of a good weight,
and I was not wrong. Chupa is around 4 kg. She has for her the look I really appreciate (coming both from
her mother and father), she also has a very good triangle, short but equilateral, a strong chin, good height
of the head but miss the rounded forehead, her profile is nearly perfect, she has very nice big ears well
placed, she only miss the tufts - the brothers have taken them all ;-) She also has a long tail, a well
balanced body that I love so much... Her fur is well furnished and of acceptable quality - she is blue!

Chupa has the lovely green eyes of her father :-) Thanks "Moof" !!

Chupa is usually weighting 4 kg.

Her mother : CH* CHI Janita am Bäerenbach Her father : DK* SC Sakeena's Spectacular