Gayatri d'Hibernia *FR

NFO n 09 23 (black tabby mackerell & white)
Female neutered born on April 21, 2011
Breeder : born here
Weight : 4,6 kg

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative (by parents)
HCM (normal 06/2012 & 05/2013 & 01/2015 & 07/2017)

Her pedigree here
Her pictures here (updated in July 2013)
More pictures here

Her FIFe exhibitions results :
As a kitten : 1 BIV + 2 NOM + 1 BIS
As an adult : 2 BIV + 1 NOM + 2 BIS. She is FIFe champion. (We stopped as she hates exhibitions).
All her exhibitions results here

Her kittens : litter 27

Her breeding kittens at the moment : Ishani (litter 27)
The pedigree of Gayatri represents a lot for me : her father S* NC's The Miracle is a beautiful big cat with a super temper, very sweet. Her mother Serola's Zazie is my best female, very big with an excellent type and a super temper. I am very happy to have done this mating and to be able to keep such a pretty girl like Gayatri :-)

Gayatri is a lovely girl with super boning, her body is well balanced, and she has a long tail. Her fur quality is already excellent, promising. Her ears are well opened and big with nice tufts at the end :-) Her eyes are in almond shape with a typical alert expression of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Her profile has a little ball at the end like her father.

Gayatri has a super temper, cuddling, playing, she adores to lick the hands, she purrs all the time ;-))) She makes me laugh a lot, she is little clown, I recognize her when she *speaks* !!!

Her mother : B* IC Serola's Zazie Her father : S* NC's The Miracle