Jayalakshmi d'Hibernia *F

NFO f 09 (tortie & white)
Female born on March 29, 2014
Eleveur: born here
Weight as an adult : 4,8 kg

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative (by parentage)
HCM (normal 07/2015 & 07/2017 & 12/2018)

Her pedigree here
Her pictures here (updated in December 2014)
More pictures here

Her results in FIFe exhibitions :
BIV + NOM in Valence NFO show (7-10 months)
All her exhibitions results ici

Her kittens :

Her kittens actually in breeding :
Jayalakshmi is a daughter of my Gayatri that I adore, I wanted to keep again from her, Jayalakshmi is also the 2nd and last daughter of Iceboy that stays at the cattery, as he has been neutered. In the pedigree of Jaya, there are 4 of my cats : Iceboy, Gayatri, Zazie & Miracle :-)

Jaya is a very beautiful girl with strong bones, a well balanced body, and a long tail. She is really strong, I adore her amazing coat, in quality and quantity !! Her ears are well placed and big, with long tufts on their top. She has a super profile, long and straight, a good chin, with a very good triangle. She is amazing :-)

Jayalakshmi has a sweet temper, cuddly and self-confident :) I couldn't let her go away from home !!!

Her mother : Gayatri d'Hibernia *F Her father : Iceboy av Härjedalen *D