We don't have any kitten available, next litter is planned for Spring 2022.
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Our kittens are raised in the house (living room - kitchen - they are not separated from us or from the other cats) with softness and a constant attention, all the necessary care and best products and food, and are dewormed regularly.

We wish for them constant and loving families, with responsible owners, that know very well what it means to have a pet, during his whole life (minimum 15 years old).

Before you book a kitten from us, we need to be sure that the kitten will have a very good life with you, and that the relationship between you and us is fine. We require at least one visit, but before the visit, we ask for one phone call.

We will only let our kittens go to people that live in apartements with balconies and windows that are protected, or if in a garden, that the cat will go with his/her master and a harness, or a secure garden (I can give some advices, there are many new possibilities) or to install the invisible fence... I think it's essential to take care of this.

This is a real condition of sale because we hear too often that a cat had fallen from a window, or has been crushed by a car, poisoned, stolen, lost...

We dearly wish to keep good relations with the new owners, because it is a real pleasure to follow the evolution of our kittens.

Our kittens are available after 3 months old, in the following conditions :

  • they have been socialised as much as possible, they have been taken in arms, they have heard strange noises, seen children, dogs (of our friends), they are even raised by kisses :-) so they are ready to leave and to quickly integrate their new home with facility

  • they are vaccinated by nosodes against all the illness (information here)

  • they have an identification by an electronic chip

  • they are dewormed each month

  • they have a vaccination book filled by our veterinary

  • they have a sanitary certificate filled by our veterinary (less than 10 days)

  • their parents are tested and neggative to the following illnesses : GSD4 and PK Deficiency (through a genetical test), to HCM through echography by a cardiologist veterinary + kidneys + they are also negative to the following : FIV and FELV

  • the kittens not for breeding are neutered at 3 months old, they have a LOOF pedigree (the only official book in France) and for the FIFe foreigners breeders, a FIFe transfer paper

  • I give a printed document full of advices, even if I am always available for any question during the whole life of your pet

  • a sale contract is written between you and us. To book a kitten, you have to pay a deposit (not refundable if you retract).

    The cattery is declared to the DSV (Direction of Veterinary Services), so that means that my veterinary guarantees of the good health of my cats and kittens.

    The cats live in the whole house of 100 square meters and in the securised garden of 500 square meters where they love to play, to chase... so ask for a rendez-vous, we are waiting for you.

    The cattery is member of the Cat Club Lyon Dauphiné-Savoie (FIFe club) and of the Association Internationale de Défense du Skogkatt, since 2003.
    We are breeding Norwegian Forest Cats since 2002.

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