SE* Zimexis Geenral Lee

NFO d 03 22 (red tabby blotched & white)
Male neutered born on September 25, 2010
Breeder: Daniella & Helle Allard
Weight as an adult : 6.5 kg

FIV-Felv negatif
GSD IV negative
HCM (normal in Nov. 2011)

His pedigree here
His genotype :

More pictures of him here (updated in March 2012)

His kittens : litter 25

His breeding kittens at the moment : Halleluiah.
I was looking for a male with size, look, good coat texture, long tail and lovely type, and of course kind and in perfect health, with tested parents. Here is Lee ! :-)

His breeders had kept him for breeding, and I had a real something in my heart for him from his pictures... and one day, it was written that he was looking for a new home ! I couldn't believe it, I have immediately called, and things have arranged by themselves... Daniella and Helle having another male, they had to make a choice.

His pedigree brings new blood in my cattery, with some qualities that seems to be fixed, we will see what Lee will give to his future kittens :-)

Lee is very big, with a good boning and promising type. He also has a lovely temper, calm and pacific, while being very cuddly and close to me (he loves to sleep on my lap) :-)

I really adore his triangle very sharp, his broaden and well-placed ears, and his lovely almond-shaped eyes :-)

I am very grateful to Daniella and Helle for their trust and kindness ! :-)

Lee has arrived by me at 17 months old, unfortunately he was very unhappy outside, so I had to take the only decision for him : to neuter him and give him the best family possible, so he lives with his son Honesty, I have regular good news of him. It was very hard to let him go, but in my house with other males, it was really impossible :((

His mother : SE* Zimexis Xaviera O'Hara His father : SE* Räserråttan's Dalton