Pasha d'Hibernia *F

NFO e 23 (cream mackerell tabby)
Male born on March 31, 2019
Breeder : born here
Weight as an adult :

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative
HCM (negative in 05/2020)

His pedigree here

His pictures here (updated in Nov. 2019)

His kittens :
His actual kittens in breeding :
I took his mother Jaya very far, in Hungary, to meet a very handsome NFO boy that I loved for long time, with the aim to keep a son of them to carry on the line of Iceboy and Gayatri (so her parents Zazie and Miracle).

Pasha was then meant to stay, for me he was the best kitten of this litter. He is big with a long body, with excellent boning, he has lovely eyes, a beautiful triangle, a long head, a correct head height, a good forehead, big and open ears well placed, and a correct chin. His profile has a bump, hopefully it was straigthen sooner or later.

Pasha is a very sweet boy, with a lot of self-confidence. Thanks again to Kriszta Heger (Gallifrey's cattery in Hungary) for the mating of lovely Ianto and all your kindness.

Pasha is not available for external matings.

His mother : Jayalakshmi d'Hibernia *F His father : SC S*Zimexis Ianto Jones