Welcome to Hibernia cattery, created in early 2002.

Hibernia in Latin means wintry, which suits quite well to our Skogkatt :-)
Hibernia was also the name given to Ireland, long time ago.
Why Norwegian Forest Cat ? Well ... for his wild look ! He looks like pure energy that comes directly out of fairy tales from Norway (see Skogkatt page). Also for their kindness, their huge sense of adaptability, their natural curiosity, ... I didn't finish the list !
My goals are simple : breed in an intelligent manner ! With in front of all, health and temper, but also type (I like the FIFe standard), I am very keen on the NFC expression, lots of fur, and if the bigger possible. Of course, this is a kind of ideal cat I'm talking about ... there is no perfect cat, there is always a little default, but this gives also an additional charm ;-)

Another important goal is to satisfy the people that trust me when bying one of my kittens. Some have become friends, and this is a very nice experience :-)
Our cats live inside with everybody, no closed doors, and they go out in the garden with me, with a harness or in the run I made for them.
The kittens are also member of the family, for the best socialization possible. I wish for them that they receive the same attention in their new families, with lots of love and carrying.
I don't wish they go out free, the risks are too huge (cars ... and many others ...), so I strongly recommend the harness (they get used to it very well), a big catrun, or a very well protected garden.
Here the pictures of the fence made in the garden !!! and an example of protection for balconies !
Most cats like company, so if you don't yet have another cat or a dog, I strongly recommend you to adopt 2 at a time, or at least to get your new kitten a friend rather soon.