GIC Ungerio d'Hibernia *L

NFO a 09 22 (blue tabby blotched & white)
Neutered male born on November 18, 2003
Died from cancer on June 12, 2017 :-(
Breeder : born at the cattery
Weight as an adult : 5,5 kg

FIV-Felv negatif
GSD IV negatif
HCM negatif (Nov. 2008 & Nov. 2011)

His pedigree here
His pictures here (updated in January 2012)
More pictures here

His FIFe exhibitions results :
=> as a kitten : 3 BIV + 5 BIS + 4th best kitten
=> as an adult : 6 BIV + 4 NOM + 1 BIS + 1 Best Overall
All his exhibitions results here

His kittens : litters 5, 9, 14, from outside matings

His breeding kittens at the moment : none

His breeding kittens in the past : Ananda (litter 5), Dorothy vom Haselgraben, F* Far Away Frozen Land's Berbère, F* Far Away Frozen Land's Bothia, Shakti (litter 14).
Ungerio is out of my first NFO girl Janita am Baerenbach, and of a nice male S* Mimameid's Ragnarok.

He is very harmonious, he has a fine equilibrated head with a nice triangle, a strong chin, a perfect profile, with a lovely head height, beautiful eyes in almond-shape, medium ears with big tufts, he has a good bone structure, and a good dense coat, of excellent quality for a blue.
Ungerio owns this NFC look that I am looking for ! It's an adorable cat ! :-)

I am very happy to have him born at the cattery.

Ungerio is usually weighting 5,5 kg.

Unfortunately, Ungerio got a general cancer and had to be put down to sleep on June 12, 2017 at the age of 13.5 years old :-( Rest in Peace my beautiful love.

His mother : CH* IC Janita am Baërenbach His father : S* EC Mimameid's Ragnarok