B* IC Serola's Zazie

FIFe International champion
NFO n 03 (bicolor black & white)
Female born on May 7, 2008
Breeder : Claudine Seron-Alcover
Weight as an adult : 5.4 kg

FIV-Felv negative
GSD IV negative
PK Deficiency negative
HCM (Normal 12/2009 & 11/2011 & 09/2013 & 09/2016)

Her pedigree here
Her pictures of her here (updated in July 2013)
More pictures here

Her FIFe exhibitions results :
=> as a kitten : 1 BIV + 1 NOM
=> as an adult : 2 NOM
All her exhibitions results here

Her kittens : litters 14, 17, 20, 25.

Her kittens in breeding at the moment : litter 14, 17, litter 20

Her breeding kittens at the moment : Shakti (litter 14), Fraggle Rock (litter 17), Gayatri (litter 20), Halleluiah (litter 25).
Zazie... a REAL heart attack when I saw her on Serola's website... She represents ALL I want for my cattery :
her fantastic look, her strong bone structure and her big size, her excellent coat, that's already a good base,
but she also has a very good type composed of a strong chin, an excellent profile,
a good head height and round forehead, a perfect triangle, a long tail, good size of ears and large
at the base and well-placed. She has 2 centimeters of tufts on top of them!!

Zazie's pedigree represents a lot to me : her father Vixen des Iles Lofoten is an excellent show and breeding cat,
thanks Gisèle and all people above, to breed him. Zazie's mother Circé de Laïloken is a heavy female,
with a very good type and a super temperament too. Thanks Marie-Pierre to breed her!

I'm very proud to have in her pedigree cats like Vivian de Laïloken and her ascendants, as I know a lot of them
(you can find the father of our Ungerio, Mimameid's Ragnarok), also Remis Felis Jubatus, Vixen des Iles Lofoten, Magnus av Fager...

Last but not leat, Zazie has a very nice temperament, purring while she is doing about everything ;-)))

I thank so much Claudine (Serola's cattery) to give me this important opportunity for me to have Zazie home,
for your confidence, your warm invitation to you, to breed and sociabilize your kittens so well...
and for your wonderful breeding work...

Zazie at 8 months old has very well grown up, she is extremely kind, very active, and she weights 5 kg
at 9 months old... I am very pleased with her :-)

Her mother : IC Circé de Laïloken *F Her father : SC Vixen des Iles Lofoten *F