Litter 2 born on 07 July 2003.
The happy parents are :

More on Tulipe
du Valldall
f 09 23
more on her
S*Poo Naï's Fathepur Sikri
ns 09 23
more on him
Fathepur is owned by Germes-Goritzka family (Earl Greys cattery)
Thanks Bernd & Gisela ! :-)
Name Sex Color Status
Urya Luna Black torbie blotched & white (f 09 22) du Vent du Nord
neutered after 2 litters
Urya Vega Black tortie mackerell & white (f 09 23) in her family
Urya Geena Blue silver torbie mackerell (spotted) & white stays (see her page)
neutered after 1 litter
* Pedigree of the litter *
Very nice coloured litter, kittens that grow very well.
Luna has a litter (Belgium), Vega is neutered,
& Geena stays with us.
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more pictures of Vega
more pictures of Geena