CH Urya Geena d'Hibernia *L

NFO gs 09 23 (blue silver torbie mackerell & white)
Neutered female born on July 7, 2003
Breeder : born at the cattery
Weight as an adult : 4 kg

FIV-Felv negatif, GSD IV negatif

Her pedigree here
Her pictures here (updated in October 2011)
More pictures here

Her exhibitions results :
=> as a kitten : 2 BIS, 1 NOM, 1 BIV
=> as an adult : Champion
All her exhibitions results here

Her kittens : litter 5

Her breeding kitten at the moment : none
Her breeding kitten in the past : Ananda d'Hibernia *F
When I ask to marry her mother tulipe to S*Poo Naļ's Fathepur Sikri, I wished to introduce in my cattery a
specific line that I appreciated, and I thank again the family Goritzka for their kindness ...:-)
Unfortunately, Geena was not made to be a mother, after her cesarian, she never got pregnant again,
so I decided to have her neutered, for her peace.

Geena has a very clear silver as her father, and an excellent coat texture, eventhough she is blue and silver.
Of excellent temperament, she is loved by all, cats and humans. At home, she welcomes all the visitors :-)

Geena has been neutered because she was not able to get pregnant again
so I prefered to take this decision for her.
She has a lovely daughter Ananda, who is in the cattery Chatalans
by Nico.

She is a perfect nanny for our kittens,
and each day with her is a beautiful day, I love her so much !! :-)

Her mother : CH Tulipe du Valldall *F Her father : Poo Naļ Fathepur Sikri *S