Litter n° 5, born on March 21, 2005.
The happy parents are :

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Urya Geena
gs 09 23
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a 09 22
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Name Sex Color Status
Ananda blue tabby blotched & white
(a 09 22)
Pedigree of Ananda
Ananda ... it's a long story ... Her mother was waiting only for her, and unfortunately had to have a cesarian, which hopefully went on very well, so this little girl has survived, as Geena is an excellent mother.
I took care of her even more than usually, cuddled and loved her more than reason :-)

It's a young female very cuddly, very funny, coming to round up in the neck,
purring a lot, and very active playing :-)

Physically speaking, she is almost perfect ... she could have stronger bones, and a higher head.
Her look, charisma, headlines, ears and tufts, and queue, are excellent.
And, as a gift, she has lovely green eyes :-)))

I had a lot of pain to let her go, I love her so much ... then I think she will live as happily as here, so thanks Nico ! :-)
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