Litter n° 3 born on 18 November 2003.
The happy parents are :
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CHI Janita
am Baerenbach
a 09
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EC S*Mimameids
n 22
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Ragnarok was owned by Sarah Runzis.
Name Sex Color Status
Ubiquity blue & white in her family
Uttan blue & white in his family
Umpko blue tabby blotched & white d'Arcelis (Portugal)
Neutered after 1 litter
Ungerio blue tabby blotched & white stays (see his page)
* Pedigree of the litter *
Beautiful litter, strong kittens with many qualities and nice expressions !
Umpko will be father later (Portugal), Uttan & Ubiquity are sold for company,
& Ungerio stays with us.
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