IC Janita am Baërenbach *CH

NFO a 09 (blue & white)
Female born on July 20, 2001 - left us on April 30, 2009 :-(((
Breeder : Eva Weber
Weight as an adult : 3,8 kg

FIV-Felv negatif, GSD IV negatif

Her pedigree here
More pictures of her here

Her exhibitions results :
=> as a kitten : 1 BIV
=> as an adult : International Champion
All her exhibitions results here

Her kittens : litters 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12

Her breeding kittens at the moment :
Her breeding kittens in the past : Ungerio (litter 3), Umpko (litter 3), Arumaï (litter 6), Akila (litter 6), Chupa (litter 8)
Janita was my first female, I chose her for her expression and what she was "telling" me on the pics :-)
It was already the expression that is still so important to me in my choices !

Of medium size (3.7 kg), she demonstrated that she can produce kittens with good boning and size,
and that she gave her type & character qualities. She also had an excellent pedigree !

Very sweet, she was an excellent mother, very concerned about her kittens.

I have had to take the very hard decision to let her go because of a tumor of the pancreas :-(((

In her gallery, I put some words and pictures for her leaving :-( I miss her so much... :-((

It's already 1 year that you left us, my sweet princess :-((( This has been done with all the love that I feel (forever) for you... clic here and here a video...

Her mother : Four Roses am Baerenbach *CH Her father : Prins Barfoot av Fager *D