Litter n° 30, born on March 27, 2014

Fibuline de Laïloken *FR
fs 09 22
more on her
SE* NC's The Miracle
n 09 22
more on him
Pedigree of the litter

Both parents are free of GSD4, HCM, FIV-FELV, PK Def (see the page kittens, sale conditions)

If you wish more info about the kittens, call us at evenings or weekend (00 33 (0)6 08 76 79 42) or write us an email
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Name Sex Color Status
Jimmy Jimmy ds 09 22 - red silver tabby blotched & white in his family (with Justify)
Justify my Love fs 09 22 - tortie silver tabby blotched & white in her family (with Jimmy)
Jewel in the Night ns - black smoke in her family
Jericho d 22 - red tabby blotched in his family (with Just like Heaven)
Just like Heaven n 22 - brown tabby blotched in his family (with Jericho)
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Jimmy Jimmy (male, available) - more pictures and a video here; Jimmy is the same color of Iceboy
Justify my Love (female, booked) - more pictures here
Jewel in the Night (female, booked) - more pictures here
Jericho (male, booked) - more pictures here
Just like Heaven (male, booked) - more pictures here